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Mr. Nivedita Shah is running a parlour since 1990 and has done so many courses from different acadamies like Loreal , Vella, /matrix, she has done makeup , hair and skin traning from different famous faculties like Kori Valla, Barat and Doris, Micky Contractor, Amisha Shaluke, kishor Thakker, Mariam Zaveri and other wellknown Personalities.
Herb beauty Parlour has 3 branches. She is running Karellbaug center since 1990. After her great efforts and under her guldance, a new center at waghodla road had been inaugrated in 2003. After a bigdemand and benefit of customers She has started a new center at Alkapuri in 2006.
Mrs. Nivedita has lot of experience in this field and experienced staff. She has mastery in using herbbal products and specalized in Skin Treatments, Bridal Makeup and hair. She always upgrades her team by refreshing courses with advanced technologies. She also helping by conducting classes for parlour training.
(1) pro in bridal Make up. we use latest technology like AI (Artiticial intellingence) , AR ( Augmented reality) & 3D.
(2) We are expert in international hairstyle matching hair brooches which are professionally made by our team.
(3) We have profesionally design bridal sets with proper polishing pro finishing .
(4) We are using pro brands in makup bobbi brown, MAC, smashbox, NYX clinique Anstasice , e.l.f., NARS, Urbanddecy.
(5)We have pro instruments for make up like Airbrush, pro brushes.
(6) We care More than any one else care of your skin like pro.
(7) We have sterilizer so we can care more & maintain hygiene As we are very stric about hygiene.
(8) We have special facial rooms waxroom special manicure & pedicure room, Special spa room which includes equipments by with build on experience of Holiday in vadoderce itself [ We care about your privacy]
(9) Spa rooms has showers in Angular direction steam table. [ We know what Relax actualy means]
(10) We know what your skin needs the most that's why We are using- * Blackheads suction machine
* Diamond skin polishing machine
* facial massage machine
*facial steamer
*facial vaporizer
*photon ultrusonic facial device
* Skin scanner
* Ozone machine (steamer)
(11) We never use any products directly on your face without knowing your skin texture.
(12) We are using best herbal, professionaly made wax & lipo & Bruzilian also we use only sterile wax per person.
(13)We have Manicure pedicure chair for relaxotion. so your footbath & handbath can't (got) ledo you through back pain.
(14) We have hair spa machines for your lovely strong hair branded shampoo & conditionors prfessional treatments.
(15) We know hair matters a lot. That's why we care your hair like your
* skin strong
* shiny
* dandruff free hair is our primary care
status so we provide get nail polish with nail extension by our experts.
(16) We care about your nails and knows what nail paints define your status so we provide get nail polish with nail extension by our experts.
(17) We have our own herbal product range for your flawless skin.
(18)our scrub , cleaning gel, meistuerizer, cream made up of pure herbal products by our professional team.
(19) We care about your skin more than your that's why we one you i time use profesional kit at home accrding to your service.
(20) We know what update means thats why we are updting ourselves in each every day.
(21) We are here & ready to secure you the most trady & upgraded versionsor any kind of beauty service.
(22) "As old is gold" we are , we were & we will try our best to serve your the most pro service in our parlar.
(23) We have 3 different branches in vadodra so we can serve your home we care that your time is very valuble.
(24) We have professionally trained team in our all the branches.
(25) We love to care & upgrede your Hair & skin level. from last 30 years And in this we never changed a lot.
(26) We started Academy beacuse we know knowlege is at the best when we share it.
(27)We will make sure that we gave your another reasons of why just us? and chose us all of others.
(28) We know that your wedding day is very special for your And for that we built a special bridal studio room with perfect equipments and lighting.
(29.) We Never break trust that's why we will try our selves to become more & more updated for you upcoming like styles & fuctions. we seves the best.
(30) Not any parlor but we care & we advice to care your skin & hair anywhere you go we trust our products & equipments & our team.

Phone: (0265) 2486615, 2490928, 6599566 
Mo. NO.: +91 9825143696